Mystery method of dating

28-Sep-2016 11:27

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It went even worse: After not getting laid from saying Who lies more? In the german pickup community the Mystery Method is still pretty big and popular, and Ive seen many guys getting huge success with it. I will address all those points in my post and want to show you, that the idea and the system are still up to date and that by understanding it lots of people could get laid much faster and (most important) smoother. While some call it way too slow or too theoretical the biggest argument has always been that it turnes people into social robots. The original Mystery Method (MM) got criticized a lot (both on old m ASF and here on fasterseduction).Have you ever - said Hi, Im xxx to a hot girl (Opening Routine) - told someone about something funny that happened that day in your life (Story-Routine) - gave a girl a spin (Kino-/Compliance-Routine) Now in the old book most people misunderstood the idea of routines.

The result were lots of people running around and asking girls Who lies more, men or women?(An Opinion opener that was recommend in the original book not very useful for most people, see below) . Well people believed in that shit back in the old days!

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