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You've probably already heard about how the ash is coming to America and about the devestating economic impact on the travel sector in Europe.While the geothermic rumblings are a royal pain in the ass for air travelers, here at Bro Bible it gives us an opportunity to spot light the lovely ladies who hail from an island of known for Viking fishermen, international bankers, Leif Erickson, and Sigur Ros.Translation: Beautiful cougars roam the majestic landscape looking for men who actually dig women.We put together a steaming-hot list from the place so nice they named it CLAIMS TO FAME: Björk is a multi-platinum singer/songwriter best known for her unique sound, which, if you're not familiar, sounds like a mash-up of a Broadway show and an ecstasy party.This super-hot supermodel bucks the traditional blonde Nordic stereotype with her locks of brown hair.

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This girl's got "straight to the top," written all over her, which is unfortunate because all we want is for her to go down.of poision gas that's prompted the largest closure of European airspace in peacetime.