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14-Nov-2015 22:59

For Sendai, I won't go into songs since the set list was the same as Niigata which you can read here.

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Yukari has been in Sendai before so the tone of her MC was kind of like that of a reunion. Never trust Yukari's kindness though, because she continued "How come you're sitting alone? " She followed up by asking how many people came to Sendai the same day like her, so I and a big group of people rose their hands. So what about that tweet she posted the previous night about eating gyutan (Sendai's local specialty)?

Since I had no pressure to buy limited goods this time, I came only one hour before the live thus skipping all the lines and arriving fresh with maximum energy.

When I went to the goods table, I was surprised to see the limited Sendai-only t-shirts hadn't sold out so I bought one.

In the third MC right after acoustic corner where she had changed into her frilly skirt, the audience coordinated claps and she got really interested and wanted to try. It started out innocently but of course with Yukarin, it ended up with her trying to fake out the audience with surprise claps and odd patterns. She proceeded to once again do that ridiculous dance (only halfway this time though).

Still, there are some interesting experiences to mention, because the MCs are different and the fans are different.

Sendai Sun Plaza Hall was very cozy, and even though it seated more people they felt closer to the stage.