Naruto dating for boys

03-Aug-2016 06:43

"Startled, the three kunoichi looked over at where Ten Ten and Hinata had stopped beside their table. "Although, I'm not as mad about that as I probably should be. "I …I looked at Sasuke's picture the other day.""Yeah? Are you all setting up sparring schedules without us? "It's just hard for us unattached women to see you being all happy with your guy."Hinata blushed and shook her head, knowing they meant Ten Ten and not she. So much for resolutions, and yes I know it's only the first day of the year. Neither looked very happy as they waited for their tea to be served."Are you sure? Apparently, he's too lazy to break up with one of us and is waiting for one or the other of us to break up with him, then marry the girl who stuck around."Sakura whistled at Shikamaru's stupidity. Except where women are concerned." Temari interrupted as she grabbed a chair and pulled it up to the table. Ino stiffened her spine, then sighed and slumped back in her chair. Then I realized that if you didn't know about me dating him, and I didn't know about you dating him, then HE was the jerk. I may cry.o.o.o.o.o Sakura and Ino sat dejectedly at the outdoor café in the middle of the Leaf Village. "I heard him tell Chouji that he wasn't sure what he was going to do, since he had a date with both me Temari for the Winter Festival. But if I do what I want, it would be seen as a declaration of war between Konoha and Suna. She'd thought she'd been so lucky to fall for the 'smart' one. He ignores them all though, said he's sick of people trying to use him."Sakura blushed and shook her head. I don't know if I could see him as anything other than my patient now."Hinata looked over at the medical ninja curiously. "But you could, Ino.""Look, this is all very interesting." Ten Ten interrupted, then grinned devilishly. Winner gets to ask him to the Winter Festival."Temari looked startled at that, then started laughing, her mood finally lightening a bit. I like the idea of him being shunned and growing old alone. Temari comforted herself with the knowledge that at least she'd never been one of Sasuke's fangirls. I'm sick of the girls at home only trying to get close to him because he's the Kazekage's brother. I had to not look at him as a friend or ally, but just as something that I had to do. I don't know if I could date him." She paused, thinking about it. "Got any more of those 'undateable' signs to pass out?

"I knew Shikamaru was lazy, but this is ridiculous." She picked up her tea cup, then sputtered a bit and then pursed her lips together to keep from laughing. It's good I was in Suna or I would have come after your blond hide."Sakura shook her head sadly at the two girls.