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29-Dec-2014 15:25

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Fucked up porn so mental that even sex maniacs and porn addicts like Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods or David Duchovny would have trouble to fap to it and use a condom!And we all know how much Charlie hates condoms seeing his health condition!We would die to just be able to pump a creampie in that pink hole!That fucker rather experiences death than use a rubber for protection!I know, fucking with a rubber is like taking a shower with your clothes on.Crazy drunk girls beating eachother KO in a bloody fight or brawl for cock on the street (catfight).

The world is a scary place, where justice is rare and immorality rules!

These barely legal websites of uncensored reality content are not for the faint hearted.

We all rather play russian roulette by taking the risk of fucking an AIDS infected blue waffle pussy raw bareback and slowly killing ourselves in the process.

Basically a form of "committing suicide", but we're men and we don't pull out!

Also fake family incest abuse and real rare scandals of sluts cheating on their boyfriend, which is why I describe and title this category as "extreme". This is the kind of insane aftermath content that the mainstream news or social media doesn't even dare to show you!

Video material and pictures that would be instantly deleted and get you banned on a site like You Tube, Instagram or Face Book!

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It's like, get over it, everyone is human, everyone is equal whether you like it or not, nothing can change that. He's giving her something you clearly could not. And the ones who crave black are so rare, chances are you won't get jerked again. I'm glad everyone has decided to beat an already dead cow by giving a poor obviously pathetic man grief about his insignificant racism seeing as how it doesn't solve this problem.… continue reading »

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If you decide to continue with the pregnancy, start your pregnancy (antenatal) care as soon as possible. If you have sex without a condom or the condom splits or comes off, you're also at risk of getting an STI.… continue reading »

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