Neil strauss guide to online dating

09-Jul-2015 19:00

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It seems obvious, but if you don’t enjoy bars or clubs, do something else.

Here’s my experience – Sarging Never Worked For Me.

Here is some fantastic advice on improving your success with the ladies.

In this 9 Minutes Interview with Neil Strauss, Tim Ferriss packs in so many great points.

– ‘Different events every night of the week’ The best way to start dating a lot is to constantly be doing things you really enjoy where there are likely to be attractive women present.

– ‘ If you send me a text, I’ll send you the info’ Get her chasing you. You might miss a few good prospects but if you’re mainly looking for physical fun this method rapidly sorts out the girls who are: a) really into you, and b) actually up for it from the women who want 3 dates or just some attention.

– ‘Don’t go out with the sole purpose of finding girls’ This is needy and weird.

Go out to have fun with your friends and the new people you meet.

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I try to think of the men I reckon would definitely get laid like crazy even if they had no fame, money or looks. But, from what I’ve seen in those short videos I’d think Tim Ferris would still get plenty of action if he was ugly and unemployed.

– ‘Learn how to dance’ This is something I recommend to many clients after taking a Bootcamp.

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