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21-Nov-2014 13:31

Joseph, Mo., recently wrote the baffling essay.“If you look for a reason to hate men, chances are you’re going to find it,” Hon began his column, citing a common — and incorrect — assumption that all feminists hate men and that feminism is about something other than equality.

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Taking into account the lower wages earned by women, it is usually the mother who stays home with children when such a decision is made by a family.

Yet a 2012 Pew Research Center survey found that a plurality of working and stay-at-home mothers said that their ideal situation would be to work part-time.

Feminism, to paraphrase from a wide cross-section of the pop-culture lexicon, isn’t about hating men, but rather about identifying that systemic injustice exists: for women, for people of color, for gender-nonconforming individuals, for anyone who is marginalized in any way by being labeled as “other” by the dominant cultural voice, which continues to be that of white men.

So, yes, feminists speak out — because they don’t think suppression, repression, or inequality is a good look for anyone, male or female.

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Only 36% of stay-at-home moms said that not working at all would be the best situation for them.

So when women — and some men — speak up and call attention to these issues, it’s not the result of being a little grouchy because they’ve had a “bad experience” with men.