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11-Dec-2015 07:39

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, fans will officially welcome the Tanners back into their lives. (Candace Cameron Bure) and her struggles to raise three sons as a single mom. If the plot sounds eerily familiar, that's no accident. The original cast is not in every episode because this is a new show about these new kids. J., Stephanie, and Kimmy raising these four kids, so that's what this new show is about.

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The charming actress even dished about how John Stamos helped the original cast maintain their ageless beauty. Times are just different now — like just the fact that we have social media, cell phones, and access to the world for kids is so much greater than when we were kids. I also want to say — without sounding like a total dork — that Danny was a little bit of a geek, and I think D.

Because of that long-lost history, I think their love-hate relationship is a little bit tongue-and-cheek at this point.

It's definitely a new dog, but there may be lineage to the original Comet.

I can't share very much other than that he's definitely back on the show and makes a few appearances. You're definitely going to see them explore their friendship — and maybe a relationship. Obviously they really love each other, but it wouldn't be fun if they didn't kind of pretend to hate each other. You know, the Tanner family has been a fan of the golden retriever for many years, so they have a new one...

[She's] trying to be a single mom and raise three kids, but [also] make responsible choices about whether or not she wants to date, or who she's going to date. actually took on quite a few traits of her dad, she is a much cooler mom — even in the way she dresses and keeping up with the lingo... Everyone drops by from the original cast, aside from the Olsen twins.