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13-Feb-2016 11:38

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And what I find disgusting is that people want to judge footballers – and professors for that matter – by an entirely anachronistic yardstick. To me, it’s just a collective hypocrisy that attracts people to these stories.

But the problem isn’t just the amorality of editors and their minions, it is that the British public also has a nauseating prurience.

Both Ferguson and Ali are on an al-Qaeda list now and have security.

“It’s not just that I can’t understand why the British press should want to write stories about the private life of an academic who has done a bit of telly [his series for Channel 4, Civilization, based on his book of the same name, about the fall of the West, proved incredibly popular].

Speaking on the BBC, the Ukip leader Nigel Farage called the result a victory for “ordinary people . It was also a resounding defeat for bookmakers, political scientists, most media pundits and pollsters, and the vast majority of investors.

I have not yet asked Niall Ferguson about him leaving his wife and three children, or his relationship with the Somalian feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, so when he launches in to a lengthy and verbose attack against the press during what I thought was a pretty innocuous chat about political correctness (he loathes it, naturally), it seems a little out of the blue. It’s as if by reading this stuff we become Victorians, and we are scandalised, I mean scandalised, to discover that a professor of history is getting divorced, which is clearly outrageous in this day and age. This desire to look into the BEDROOMS” – he is practically shouting now – “and pick up the sheets and have a gander. His new girlfriend, who was circumcised as a young girl in Somalia and is now pregnant with their first child, lived under a fatwa even before Theo Van Gogh – her friend and collaborator on a film about Muslim women – was murdered by extremists, a message affixed to his chest with a knife saying that she was next.

More than anything else what makes me tremendously angry is that one consequence of the intrusion was to place Ayaan in danger.

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A number of years ago the clothing chain French Connection unveiled a daring marketing slogan: the initials FCUK. This offered a revealing insight into the way Farage regards the 48% of people who voted to remain inside the EU.

This seems the mot juste for the British disconnection that happened last week. Brexit was not only a defeat for David Cameron, George Osborne and the other members of the government who remained loyal to them.