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07-Oct-2016 13:43

Beware the Nice Guy, and the occasional guilt that gnaws when you reject him. Not every person is right for you, and so, if you don’t have chemistry with someone in spite of the fact that they are exceedingly NICE, do yourself a favor and don’t feel bad.A guy who is nice will offer to pay but certainly won’t force the issue if you throw down your debit card and offer to split the check.A guy who is nice will disagree with you if he disagrees, and argue and talk and have a conversation with peaks and valleys, and intellectual stimulation, but will not make you feel like you’re being pandered to.We are ready, but it doesn’t men that it’s not a huge pain in the ass.The truth is that nobody really deserves anything, except for human decency, which, if you’re not a monster, is a perfectly feasible feat. No one has to be interested because you held the door or awkwardly helped us take off our jacket.A guy who is nice will be there for you when he can and only if you need him, and he won’t be afraid to tell you if you’re wrong. They show up at your door bearing magazines and Kettle Chips when you’re having a hard day, and will endure hours of “Dance Moms” just to be in your presence.A Nice Guy will bend over backwards to be the kind of person you’ve always wanted, a guy who is nice will have a personality that is not forged from the ashes of your own, with interests that are entirely separate from yours. ” on the street, and don’t understand why you scowl and pull your scarf tighter around your neck. These small acts of “kindness” are just the foundation for what will inevitably turn into a rebuffed advance. Here’s the thing about being a Nice Guy: we can sniff that shit out a mile away.

A guy who is nice will just smile at you as you’re walking home from the subway. Nice Guys seethe when they are rejected, telling you that they deserve things because they’ve always been NICE to you. We have all been around the block enough times to see you bending over backwards to be the kind of person you think a woman wants.We are already anticipating the heat that we might catch if the date doesn’t go well, or if we gently decline your texted advance after the night is over.A guy who is nice will walk you to your door, but will be content with a hug and a friendly wave goodnight.A guy who is nice will never make you feel obligated to do anything.

Hearts are not so easily bought, they are won, by guys who are nice.A guy who is nice will to go dinner at a place that was chosen by both parties, perhaps even with some friendly banter over which restaurant is preferable.

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