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08-Aug-2016 11:57

Either way, fans are still holding out that hope that Dobrev and Somerhalder will reunite in some capacity in the near future, whether that’s in real life or on screen.

As far as Dobrev’s relationship with Somerhalder is concerned, it appears as though the two are on good terms.

In fact, when Somerhalder exchanged vows with Reed, Dobrev had nothing but good things to say about her ex-boyfriend’s wedding.

“When I heard about the wedding, I thought it was beautiful,” Dobrev stated.

While Somerhalder moved on and married Nikki Reed, Dobrev has bounced around from one romance to another.

Now, the former “Actors like Nina make every scene better,” Diesel shared in the short clip. She does Hot/Sexy/Hilarious effortlessly.” In response, Dobrev joked that she actually paid Diesel to make the comments.

“[I’ll] take [Dobrev] for whatever she’s willing to do to tell that story.” As fans are well aware, the has suffered in the ratings department ever since Dobrev decided to leave the show.

“I paid Vin to say all those things about me,” she wrote in her repost on Instagram.

It isn’t known which character Dobrev might play, though executive producer Julie Plec has stated in the past that her original character, Elena, still has a story to tell.

“[There] is still a chapter of [Elena’s] story left to be told,” Plec said.