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& instr (range finder), 4)projecter still pic 102A, 5)compass prismatic liquid mk-3A, 6)standard telescope,6)collimeter no &A,7B,7C dial sight mk-1, 7) bino collimeter mk-4,8)clinometer all types, 9)telescope sighting 106mm rcl gun mk-1, 10)sight bore afv 104A,11).sight dial 102A, 12)mount dial sight 103A, 13) quadrant fire control field mk-6, 14)rod stdia arty cased 1C, 15)instrument testing scale mk-1, 16)overhead projector,17)Ni. Galvanised iron wire for general engg purposes size 0.1 to 5.0mm dia to IS-280, 2.

charger, 18)mech items & compo, 19)die & press work finished compo,20)ir search light 12/2/1999 - 12/1/2005 1). Patented and cold drawn steel wire unalloyed 0.30 to 9.5mm dia to IS-4454 PT 1 Grade 1, 2, 3, 3.

8/28/2002 - 8/27/2005 Amn store: Rubber gaskets for box H2A, H5A, Amn container 74A, 73A, Disc for an container 74A 73A, washer for amn container 74A, 73A stud rubber for carrier amn 13A, ring & ball insert & rear. Weapon stores: Rammer 2A/similar rammer, block locating for gun wheel, limber wheel. (II) Machined Components like Piston, Firing pin, Trigger, Gas cylinder for 5.56mm Rifle, 7.62mm Rifle etc. Handle carrying catch, Cocking handle, Grip muzzle cover of 5.56mm Rifle.

5/20/1999 - 5/19/2005 Empty components for 51 mm illg, upper set base plate, collar, suport, nose & eye bolt, lower set magazine, guide, adaptor, tail unit, delay coupling , holder & cap , body, container, body 1A, 2A, tail adapter nose, base plate, baffle plate, bottom plate with swivel, case assy, sleeve half, axle pin, stop screw, case cartg, red cr, w for 16mm signal, support drogue, parachute, cold, snap head rivet, empty compo for shell 105 mm if & base bleed ign, candle case assy, ball race & pin assy, tube. SA Stores: Chest wooden for riffle 5.56 mm INSAS chest magazine 1B, chest riffle 7.62 m. 10/8/2005 - 10/7/2008 sa items flash absorber,foresight,sear piston gas,ejecto small arms cartridges,plate butt & trap assy amm items disc for fuze162,shutter for fuze,striker for fuze,bush for primer,adopter tube assy metal item aluminum casting,copper alloy casting 3/30/1998 - 3/29/2001 (1) Precision Machined Components of small arms & ammn.

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Paint priming red0oxide Zinc Chrome to specn JSS:8010-68, 4. Patented cold drawn steel wire unalloyed sz .3mm to 9.5mm (grade 1,2,3) 4). 6/16/2006 - 6/15/2009 amn stores: pressure pad assy type a/b,sensing element assy empty,spacer pad,rings ball insert front/rear,rubber seal plug,gasket ring,sealing ring,washers,locking device,o ring,cup,gaskets,washers I/ii,gasket I/ii ,disc I/ii,block,packing rubber washers weapon stores: rubber u packing ring,various size of o ring,plug for launcher pad,cup,collar,cup packing,below rubber me stores: polychloroprene adhesive ava stores: ring naval stores polymeric rubbing stakes,rubbing fenders polymeric dock block,accoustic rubber tiles for summarine,encapsulated rubber poly lists thrmoset blend,rubber sheets in various thickness,various types of rubber moulded items 9/15/1998 - 9/14/2004 Rubber items viz. 5/17/1999 - 5/16/2005 Half cup & cup-B, mine A/T 4C ND empty assy, fz mine A/t 4A/L, ND assy, carrier ammn.10-C, 12-A, sleeve, ammn container 67-A, 69-A,, box plastic, plug 52 mm, lifting plug, disc plastic, plug , fz mine A/T 1C, crown double action, ammn container 38 B, 47B, Centring bands, driving band, tail unit for MTD 81 mm, carrier ammn 17A, carrier ammn 11A, bag poly thene, nylon ring, cap & lock bottom, cont 3RK-33, amn container box C53A, 52A, 51A, H60, MK-I, m23, C44A, C38, 18A, 238, H5A, H2A, cont.charge 8 9 & 4, nub carrier 16A.

2/7/2000 - 3/14/2002 Power supply unit 103A & following additional items : a. exciters FR search light 103A(Pt No.17/5855-000642), c. 3/4/1998 - 3/3/2001 Copper and copper alloys like Brass, Bronge etc, Ingots and castings upto 300 Kg per single heat/cast, Aluminium alloy ingots/castings upto 100 Kg of single heat/cast to relevant IS/BS specns.

electro mechanical & electrical/electronic sub assy of module-D & TPDK-I i.e. 7/26/2000 - 7/25/2006 Amn store: Nose adapters, lifting plug, top screw, WPn & Met stores:.

C-1 range input unit, C-2 range measuring unit, C-3 pulse amplifire, C-4 magnetic amplifire C-5 high volt excitation etc, d. 8/24/2001 - 8/23/2004 Ammn store: Adapter & plugs, bomb bodies for 51mm/81mm, shell bodies for 84 mm with & similar nature items only, SA stores: Kookrie MK-3, Bayonet (any type), forgings up to 25 kh. Closed die forging upto 50 kg, open die forging upto 300 kg, cold extruded machined components upto 3 kgs & 20 to 70 mm die & heat treatment of forgings upto 2M long & 800 kg mass.

8/24/2001 - 8/23/2004 Ammn store: Adapter & plugs, bomb bodies for 51mm/81mm, shell bodies for 84 mm with & similar nature items only, SA stores: Kookrie MK-3, Bayonet (any type), forgings up to 25 kh. Night vision dev-bino passive,passive goggle,& night, 2).laser target pointer ele.power supp & other associater (av to dc conv), 3)opto mech dev. Drill Cotton dyed/undyed IND/ME/775-15-177-1980 etc. Addl Amn items: Bomb body 81mm-10000 nos/m, Shell body 84mm blank-20000 nos/m, Shell body 125mm & 130 mm, 155mm-10000 nos/m each, addl amn shell body cartg case 4/19/1999 - 4/18/2002 1. Paints for Ammn , under coat to specn IND/ME/446, 5. Ammn box gasket HIU & "O" rings for ammn carriers and ball inserts & rear, taflon moulded components, CQA(W) packing ring(chevrous), packing ring canvas impregnated, ring packing "U" section, "O" ring sealing ring, collar gland packing cup to drg no.

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