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(His character Clyde actually has the smoothness Jean-Ralphio dreams of having.) And as if starring alongside Don Cheadle wasn’t enough, Schwartz is also busy remaking the comedy Soapdish as a telenovela, and he recently released the third in a series of postcard books where baby animals deliver horrible news, called Maybe Your Leg Will Grow Back! Jean-Ralphio, his masochistic work ethic, and oh, that hair. AVC: What was your experience on Undercovers, which got canceled after one short season? I’m kind of new to the game—I’ve done comedy at UCB for 10 years, but my first pilot with Mitch Hurwitz and Jason Biggs never made it to air. Everything he is is what I aspire to be: He has a family, he loves his wife and kids, and he’s also the most prolific producer/director I’ve ever met. Abrams, two gorgeous actors in front of me, two black actors and a Jewish person—who wouldn’t love that?

The pilot of Undercovers was—first of all, I auditioned five times for it, and I remember being so nervous, because J. I just wanted to show him I was kind of funny and that I could act. So my expectations of the show were, “How is this gonna fail? ” I thought the pilot was really good, then it comes out and not a lot of people watch it.

BS: We’re in a place where you have no idea if Don’s character is going to be redeemable. If you ask Jean-Ralphio to pick up a girl, he just goes in there and says the silliest thing he can, that he thinks is the most confident thing.This other guy, all his decisions are made based on previous things he’s done.BS: There’s a book that Martin Kihn wrote that our show is based off, and he came in and talked. The fun of the show is that we all get to juggle the comedy with this dramatic aspect.I asked him questions that weren’t on the surface, like, “How often do you see your family? ” After a while, the whole idea with my character is that he looks at Don Cheadle’s character and is like, “I want to get that guy’s fuckin’ job, and I’m going to do anything I can.” It was cool, because Jean-Ralphio, which is my favorite thing in the universe to do, that guy is exactly what you see, is what he’s thinking. AVC: There’s a moment in the second episode where your character talks about putting the moves on a woman, and it’s a very Jean-Ralphio moment.

And me, because I’m neurotic, I’d check the ratings every week, and think, “Oh my God, this thing is going to get canceled. ” It was interesting in that while I was acting, I could check the ratings and see that if it kept up, I could be off the air. AVC: You’re probably more plugged into the Internet than some of your costars. House Of Lies leaked illegally on the Internet, and I’m the one who told the producer that they had to stop the people. But our show has a ton of nudity and a ton of cursing, because a) that’s the world of these management consultants, and b) it’s on Showtime.

Though yesterday, they launched it purposefully with all the curses taken out, on You Tube. AVC: What was the experience like getting into the management-consultant mindset, considering you’ve been a comic for 10 years without working in a corporate office? In the first episode, we go to a strip club to blow off steam, and we’re like completely different human beings…