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Amber Volakis on the Fox series House, Lura Grant on Big Love, and Francine Hanson on the AMC series Mad Men. From the mid-1990s (while at Northwestern University) through 2001, Dudek appeared in various theater productions and on Broadway.She has also starred in the British television series The Book Group. She made her Broadway debut in Wrong Mountain in 2000, After success on Broadway, she made the jump to television.Her first starring role on television came when she was cast as the lead in the British comedy drama The Book Group.The show aired on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom to rave reviews.Amber Volakis, one of 40 physicians under consideration by Dr. Her character, nicknamed "Cutthroat Bitch" by House, continued to the end of season 4 but was killed off in the two-part season finale, "House's Head" and "Wilson's Heart".She would later reappear as a hallucination by House in the season 5 episode "Saviors", appearing in this form for the remainder of the season.In both "Friends" and "How I Met Your Mother", her character was dumped on her birthday.Dudek had a recurring role on House (from season 4 onwards) as Dr.

Anne Louise Dudek (born March 22, 1975) is an American actress.She is known for portraying Tiffany Wilson in the 2004 film White Chicks, Dr.