Norsk webcam

17-Jul-2016 17:07

Popular software includes Photo Booth for Mac OS X and Camera for Windows 8+.If you have another OS, you may need to look up how to record videos using your webcam by referencing your device manual or searching online.We've tried refreshing multiple times, this hasn't happened to us before and now it's been going on for a whole day. Do i understand you correctly that the Webcam In Watch2Gether worked for you before?The webcam code hasn't changed in the last time, so i assume that there must be some other reason why it's not working.If you have an i OS or Android phone, you can record videos with your phone's camera and upload them with the You Tube app.I can see myself clearly on the webcam, but I can't see nor hear my friend on her end.

From the view point you will be able to see all of Bergen before you, from Torgalmenningen place to the Fish market and out towards the sea.

Did both of you use the same internet connection as before?