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After the engagement ceremony, elders from the two sides sit opposite each other and set a date for the wedding.In our country (North Korea) alone, many young people search for a partner in order to get married, and when they find a suitable mate, they take the leap into marriage. Prior to the wedding in North Korea, the bride and groom first hold an engagement ceremony.As a thank you to the bride’s family for “gifting” their daughter, the groom’s family will give the bride’s family clothing and makeup that she can wear on the wedding day.One of the many reasons I love Kickstarter is that people with little more than a good pitch and a solid idea can make their dream a reality.If you like the idea, throw a couple bucks in to help out. Is the third project from DEVGRU-P, the second being its other dating sim about Tanks.Kickstarter’s aren’t always successful but more and more games are finding their way onto the website. A game received very positively on Steam and even drew the attention of notable members of the community who threw in their two cents on the idea.Games ranging from epic fantasy role playing games centered around stout dwarves to dating sims set in North Korea. In the game, the year is 2016, America is back in Afghanistan, and you, soldier, are about to get a well deserved vacation.

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It seemed so nonsensical, the only thing crazier could be going to North Korea and not knowing it was a crazy dictatorship.”along quite a few people posting comments in Korean ranging from (supposed) endorsements from Kim Jong-Un himself to strings of vulgarity.

The game currently has 17 days until funding ends, and its raised little over 3,000 of the 4,000 USD requested.

On camera, you can hear Shia asking Mia to give him back his backpack so he could leave.… continue reading »

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The station is known as "103-5 KISS FM" or simply "103-5". WKSC has studios located at the Illinois Center complex on Michigan Avenue in Downtown Chicago, and it broadcasts from a 4.3kw transmitter atop Willis Tower (the former Sears Tower).… continue reading »

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