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22-Aug-2016 06:56

Internet Deployment Considerations Reporting Services is not specifically designed for Internet-facing scenarios.

This is, partially, because the default authentication mechanism of Reporting Services is Windows integrated security.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) configuration is not required for this scenario.

To provide public data (or snapshots with public data) to the SSRS catalog in this configuration, an administrator can use replication or SQL Server Integration Services to "copy" public data (or snapshots) from an internal data source to the SSRS catalog placed on a web server.

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Because this scenario does not protect data from unauthorized access, it might only be used when a company intends to publish public data, such as a product catalog.Best practice for this scenario is to place the SSRS catalog database on the same server with an instance of the Report Server.Because the Report Server has web components, this option means that the SQL Server 2008 instance that hosts catalog data will also be running on the web server and there are no queries that cross boundaries of the web server.In this scenario, none of the reports are secured, and all the users would get the same information.

When accessing Reporting Services deployed in this fashion, Internet users will not be prompted for login credentials.Internet Deployment Option 2: Deploy Report Server with Windows Authentication This scenario leverages a default authentication mechanism of SSRS and uses a corresponding security extension. A company would have a domain associated with web-facing servers and use Kerberos delegation to validate a user by interacting with a corporate domain inside the firewall. Customers can configure Reporting Services virtual directories with either Windows integrated or basic authentication. When accessing Reporting Services deployed in this fashion, Internet users are prompted for credentials.