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24-Feb-2016 11:59

Don’t leap to conclusions, don’t act recklessly, try to get a full read on what’s really going on – it’s necessary because they’re dealing with other peoples’ lives on a daily basis.This same mentality applies to life at home, especially when the occasional argument arises.Nurses are less likely to “make mountains out of molehills,” which means spats at home are less likely to turn into full-blown marital problems.Job Portability – Live Anywhere Most people are tied to the town they’re in, and it’s very hard for them to pick up and move to a new place if they ever want a change of scenery.So, if you and your nurse want to move to another state, into the city, or out to the ‘burbs, you’ve got that option available – with a lot less worry and heartache than you’d have otherwise.Naturally Caring At the core, nurses are caregivers.They don’t go through the long process of becoming a nurse just for the paycheck (it may be good, but it’s not that good).The job market’s in shambles, and people everywhere are wondering if their jobs will still be there a few years from now.

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It’s not often at all that you hear the words “Nurse” and “laid off.” With a nurse as your partner in life, you can be more confident about your financial future – even if your own career gets rocky, they’ll be a stabilizing force for the both of you.

Good Temperament One of the first things a nurse learns is patience.

The biggest hurdle to moving to a new place is often the plain and simple fact that, in order to do it, you’d have to leave the job you have and find a new one in the area you’d like to make your new home.

Nurses have job portability; they’re able to be a nurse anywhere, and nurses are needed everywhere.

There are plenty of careers out there that often get labelled a nice “bonus” in dating, but few can compete with nursing.

Dating a nurse is like winning the lottery – sure, you won’t get rich, but you’ll find that the myriad bonuses that come with a nurse are worth far more than any paycheck. Job Security It’s no secret that the economy is rough these days.