Ocd personality and dating

28-Oct-2015 09:26

You see, unlike almost *every* story I've read about ocd I have one additional symptom: I get angry. It starts with anxiety but moves into anger because I can't control my symptoms and I get frustrated.

Part of me gets so mad that I have to deal with this every day with every action; I can't turn on a faucet, go through a door, take a shower, walk, talk, or breathe without some little part of my brain wondering if I did it "right" and prompting me to do it over until I get it "right".

not exactly the best marriage partner, friend or colleague.

In the meantime, that little ocd part of brain is saying, "Do it over again, stupid.

I've tried forced repetition (behavioral therapy) and cognitive therapy, with some luck.

Do it over again idiot." I start to hate myself, the people around me, the inanimate object that seems to be the source of my ocd's wrath.

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