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15-Sep-2015 06:58

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that President Obama is going to lose his legacy and will end up “a historic parenthesis.” Krauthammer said, “I think what’s overlooked is the role that Wednesday on CNN, Democratic strategist Paul Begala said Democrats have nobody to blame but themselves for failing to inspire young people to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.Begala said, “I have a different take as a political professional.

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Goldberg said, “You can say that there Wednesday on his radio show, conservative talked Rush Limbaugh reacted to the previous night’s presidential election, which gave Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump a victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Limbaugh told his listeners Republicans should not interpret the outcome Tuesday night on CNN, former chief strategist for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns David Axelrod said President-elect Donald Trump’s victory was a “primal scream” from voters.

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