Okcupid is not a dating site

25-Jan-2016 19:12

Ok Cupid found that when some men think a woman is ugly, other men are more likely to message them.

Why folks opt to use poor grammar in a first message escapes me- especially when real English rolls out in subsequent messages! You might look at this and think that, slight grammar mistakes aside, this is a perfectly fine message. Someday, I shall attempt actual dating of women within reach of me. But props to you for having perfected long-distance relationships! Even so dating services are too similar to chat rooms where danger exists from predators. And I think I'll only go out with the ones that I think are axe murderers. The rampant ageism, classism, xenophobia, and obsession with trivial aspects such as height, weight, and "education" are highly interesting. I would be fascinated to read your thoughts on the subject, however, so please do let me know if and when you publish that Hub!Perhaps the English language really First that all great pictures. I'm 29 years old, nice man, I had been living in San Francisco since 2002. It would be, but for the "Hi ," which (and this could be just me) is the first thing I notice in a vast majority of spam messages. You mentioned that too in your post—girls who are not girls saying they are girls. I'm pretty removed from the dating scene too, JSParker, but am glad to introduce more folks to one bastion in the realm of online dating! Hm- the only sorta funny ice breaker I've heard so far is:"How much does a polar bear weigh? That could be an entire article in itself, which I may write later. CANT 4 THE LIFE OF MECOMPREHEND WHY THESE DATING SITES INSIST ON SUCH EXCRETIA AS...or at least to test out various tactics to discover (and use) only the most effective ones. I'll provide real examples, of course (with proper protections of anonymity applied). I make it very clear on my OKCupid profile that I'm only on the site to check out the UI, which is fantastic, by the by. Have you seen/read/listened to/watched [insert similar book/movie/band/show]? He joined a site (I have no idea which one) as a female, for "research purposes." Incredibly, however, he actually used a photograph of his own sister, totally unbeknown to her, as his profile photo. Think I'll stick to fishing these days, in my old age... I should make profiles for any guy friends I have who need relationship help. lol I have seen the beasts, and they darkened my nightmares!But after making my own happy little profile on OKCupid and watching the messages slide in, I have to say... Even if you know better than to make these mistakes, you might find them funny. So folks who message me may not be the brightest OKCupids bouncing about.... Men, I think, have been conditioned to believe that they can never go wrong when complimenting a woman. If you'd like to compliment another user on her appearance, I recommend explaining why. I'm vegan, like to meditate, go to a lot of shows, read a lot. "Ok, so maybe guys on online dating sites have had issues in the past with girls who are not girls saying they're girls. She actually got stopped by a suitor in a supermarket. quick example, friend told me to wait while he turned up, I looked out the window, and there shining like a beacon in the sky, was a shiny round bald head, with a bit of hair stuck to the sides, peering over the top of his steering wheel. Magoo glasses, a collar turned up like something out of grease the film, and rupert the bear trousers, or pants as they are called across the pond! lol I am a BIG fan of their blog; thank you for sharing these informative and incredibly entertaining insights on the service itself.

We live in an age of spam and unwanted form emails. Not just because it prevents them from initially coming across as paranoid/hilarious, but also because, in all fairness, most transexual women look WAY better than, I would argue, most of the ladies out there. It should go without saying that proper English has a leg up, at least in initial conversations. Yes, the Greece in the Mediterranean where Alexander and all of those nitwit philosophers was from. I'm as in the dark about dating as you are, but I sure do love the colorful peek that OKCupid has granted me. I never tried one of the dating sites as I would rather meet people in person. I'm on here as "biggun in the shorts", but you can call me rob bottin. Perhaps checking out the UI is a euphemism I'm not familiar with. Just wanted more in-depth coverage, though I understand that you artificially limited yourself, for no apparent reason, unless it's top secret. I don't use the site for dating because I don't date, but that doesn't mean that I don't adore it!

Anyone can write poorly or in shorthand, so it is far more impressive to use proper grammar to start with. I swear, women that are NOT anywhere near where I am - those gals seem to really like me! And yeah, I don't really get anonymity either, haha! A total bonus on what would otherwise be a somewhat dry UI research expedition. I do have some relatives that have had some funny stories related to these sites; one of them was engaged to be married-until she found out about the "other" fiancé via Facebook! All kidding aside wait till you get the explicit pictures. I don’t date either, divorced twice, widowed once married with children grandchildren, and great grands. Missed the online dating era..to keep it that way...wifes looking over my [email protected] Rose - THE HORROR! I find it fascinating vicariously, too, though I guess I'm technically experiencing this in the first [email protected] Edmondson - BAHAHAA!! You're assuming that people this article is targeted at actually know how to read, or actually like reading. The overt idiocy on OKC is really easy to see though, but the more interesting aspect of OKCupid is found reading between the lines, not at them. This article was created, however, with a more targeted goal in mind, since most folks Googling for articles on OKCupid are looking for tips and advice, not conjecture on the various social intricacies of the actual community.

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