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Like two-part epoxy, it doesn’t activate until mixed. He is NOT a "name for hire." He has decades of experience with various cover scents, and has used skunk scent in one form or another his entire hunting career.Skunk Fusion’s naturally intense skunk odor confuses (without alerting) the nose of deer and other big game. But, to make absolutely sure, cover you scent with… Around the age of 20, Scott invented The Feeder Screen and put it on the market, which is still selling around the world today.

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Around the age of 17, Bruce received his first bow and arrow as a gift, and hasn't turned back to a gun since then.In the off season, he loves to hunt hogs and javelina with the other Skunk Fusion pro staff. Deer) is THE undisputed expert on white-tailed deer, with over four decades of experience studying, living with, writing about and hunting whitetails. Kroll has been responsible for major discoveries and advances in deer management and hunting, including the first trail cameras, food plots, deer feed, and major discoveries about deer behavior.Continue Reading About Scott Luke started hunting around 12 years old and received his first bow at age 16.

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" He seldom endorses any product, and when he does, it is after exhaustive testing to determine if the product deserves endorsement.

Writing for 37 magazines and appearing on three popular TV programs, Kroll has garnered a stellar reputation for "telling it like it is!