Oli sykes and sj whiteley dating

28-Oct-2015 22:30

"If I thought she was being unhealthy in terms of food or lack of sleep, I'd be the first to raise it.

"You only need to see her bright eyes and gorgeous skin to realise she's more than healthy." But now Amanda has revealed that when she was fighting anorexia, she didn’t communicate properly with her family or friends about it.

She said yesterday: "I was such an angry person, so if any one of my friends and family tried to talk to me about it, I'd just scream in their face. "At the time Oli was a drug addict and I had a very nasty drug habit." The pair split in 2012 and Amanda has changed her life for the better.

She said: "I realised that I was not only destroying myself and my body, I was destroying my mind." Amanda has now quit the fashion world, saying on the You Tube video: "I couldn't f***ing handle it.

It sparked a massive debate on body image and healthy eating and at the time, she denied she suffered from an eating disorder.

But in a brave video blog Amanda, now 25, has admitted for the first time that she battled anorexia and a drug habit during her career.

Amanda Hendrick – who appeared on the cover of Vogue – was pulled from a clothes catalogue in 2011 because she looked underweight.

"My body was a certain shape at that time but it was not that shape healthily. "I'm getting the body I want in a healthy way." And she added: "I'm not ruling out high fashion again.

They ruled that the pictures of Amanda in a bikini and denim shorts were "socially irresponsible". "I want to be a positive role model and to continue doing well in my job so I have to make sure I have a healthy and nutritious diet." When Amanda was in demand for fashion shoots in glossy mags, the 5ft 10ins model had a 24-inch waist.

The watchdogs said one photo in "a stretched-out pose and heavy eye make-up, with hollows in her thighs and prominent thigh bones," made her look underweight. Back then, Carol Sykes – owner of Drop Dead Clothing and mum of her then-boyfriend Oli Sykes – defended her decision to use the controversial shots and said young women should aspire to be like Amanda. "Yes, because she is a beautiful person and jets around the world earning £600-plus a day.

At the time, Amanda insisted: "Of course I don't have an eating disorder. She said: "Amanda is not anorexic or unhealthy and eats a very good diet. "She's got a successful career and no mental health problems." Sykes declined to comment on the You Tube revelations last night.

Amanda's mum Karen Mc Comb had also defended her, saying: "She's naturally very slim and could eat for Scotland without putting on a pound.