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15-Sep-2016 09:34

Don’t be under an impression that you will never find a girl on Omegle who is nice.

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So, in order to face frustration later, decide upon the type of girl now.Now that you are almost certain that the other person is a girl, ease your chat a little further and ask her how her day was, what she is doing and start a casual chat.Now that you have decided what type of girls you want to chat with on Omegle, the next thing you would do is to detect the weeds, which means those people who directly ask for ‘ASL’ i.e Age, Sex and Location, and you keep on thinking for the best possible answer which would impress them, and probably you again land in disappointment.So, never indulge your time with such users who ask for ASL and just avoid such people.

This is the best tip to find , don’t directly ask the person’s age, sex and location (as ASL).

Just write simply asking her name so that it doesn’t make that person feel weird and monotonous.