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20-Mar-2015 12:01

It also comes in handy if you want to read abstracts of longform articles. was diagnosed Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, a rare form of cancer, doctors said that he had a 2% chance to live.According to Fast Company, the app's algorithm took D'Aloisio only a month of research to develop the kind of research often conducted in multimillion-dollar programs and Ph D theses. But he beat the odds and survived, though his weak immune system forced him into isolation for 100 days.At the end of the month, students can email it to their teachers.Chao told CBS Denver that he's proud of the app and glad that Apple accepted his app despite his young age.He credits video games for helping him through the rough experience.Gonzalez wanted to help other cancer patients his age, and so he created a video game, Play Against Cancer, in which players destroy cancer cells illustrated as green ghosts.He also developed The Survivor Games, a social network and online community for teen cancer patients. Team 2-the-Res-Q The Stop & Search app isn't the only innovative idea that came out of the Apps for Good program.

The app includes a messaging feature through which users can talk to a Cyber Mentor directly about experiences with bullying.

The 2-the-Res-Q team worked with Fuerte International, a mobile production agency based in London, to further develop the app.