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/ I believe I shall taste the wine of Edinburgh / In the city of the living. " 19 Lines 239-40: Outdone in flytting, poxed (cunt-bitten/impotent/infected by venereal disease), filthy (beshitten), scruffy (hardened skin), / Ladder-climber (i.e., one about to be executed), one who befouls the hangman's noose, loathsome (vile, plague-infected) adder, I defy you 20 Lines 241-42: Maggoty sheep, nipple-biter, naked glutton, heir to a sheepshed (?

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The Latin phrase with which the poem begins, and the second Latin phrase that provides the refrain for each stanza, both derive from messianic passages in Isaias; they were incorporated in the liturgy for Advent services and were also used for the Feast of the Annunciation.

The image of the dew dropping from Heaven was commonly associated in the Middle Ages with the Incarnation and is frequently found in hymns in the Adoration of the Virgin tradition.

1 Of lechery, gluttony, with sloth always to be overcome 2 Friends, prosperity, here peace, then Heaven's bliss 3 Lines 71-72: Where burning souls / Are always crying, Woe Woe!

4 "With the holy, holy you shall be" (Psalm in the Vulgate) 5 to show mercy to the downtrodden 6 While the most valuable effects they grab for themselves 7 Some with a large number [of churches] play dice 8 Lines 65-66: It might by this [time], had it been [according to] the natural order of things, / Coming out of (all the way from) the deserts of India 9 That I should be a Yuletide nag (i.e., a horse put out to pasture/a "holiday" horse too old to work) 10 I was anxious until a certain lord (the Lord Treasurer) came home 11 Such strikings and strugglings were on [the] stair 12 Lines 9-10: For to have ridden away would have been less humiliating / Than to have allowed their wives to have been infected with the pox 13 Lines 103-18: And do not lead us into the temptation of Stirling, / But deliver us from its evil.

(Compare the "dew in Aprille" [line 15] of the Marian lyric "I syng of a Maiden" - , p.170.) While the poem focuses primarily on Christ's Nativity, it also contains many traditional images and symbols that occur in literary and visual depictions of the Annunciation and the Incarnation. 1-2 Verse 2 is the English paraphrase of the Latin in verse 1, which comes from Isaias 45:8, the Introit for the fourth Sunday in Advent.

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