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26-Apr-2016 17:09

Generally‚ we are satisfied with the pace of the campaign and are certain of decisive victory on August 3‚” he said.

We’ve embraced the principle of unity‚ and ensured we’ve embraced continuity as a principle that guides us‚” said Zikalala.Earlier‚ KZN secretary Supa Zuma said these candidates would ensure the ANC would win – and win well.“We want to ensure that we govern all 54 municipalities and all 870 wards in Kwa Zulu-Natal in order to be able to expand on the great strides that we have achieved over the past 16 years since the establishment of a democratic local government.“The provincial executive committee conducted a detailed assessment of the elections campaign‚ looking closely at our strengths and weaknesses in all our 11 regions.Provincial chairman Sihle Zikalala unveiled the candidates for 15 mayoral posts on Tuesday – headlined by Zandile Gumede‚ who is slated to lead the Durban-based e Thekwini Municipality He said the processes followed were fair and ensured that the best people were put forward for the job.“In the ANC we don’t just wake up say: ‘This is a mayor.’ And you don’t appoint yourself‚” he said.Three candidates were chosen by each region for the mayoral posts.

Many people became jealousy at even my friends and they blackmailed which forced my boss to fire me without paying me any cent.

The GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT was taking long to process my pension fund .