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Okay, to everyone who says that Islam is a \"violent\" religion, that\'s wrong. The Muslims that are responsible for 9/11 and other terrorist attacks are in the minority, and did not start off like that. This is similar to the Great Schism in Christianity. Personally I don't agree either but the stuff you guys are saying is very disrespectful to Islamic people. You amy not like it but please keep it to yourselves like I am doing. Basis of conversion was mindwash or brainwash through Namaz (a way of meditation), threats, forceful conversion, false image of sexual powers increase and validity to have many wives and childrens. Maybe if you have done this things you will even become a muslim. Hating others and Killing others humans and animals and destroying environment is the basis of this religion. What an idiot.\"Islam\" means Peace and \"cristianity\" means Love. Its amazing to see the differences of Islam from when it was created to modern day. Leave it to people, structured government and pious men to destroy the meaning of Peace and of God. Why would many prophets propheci about 1 future prophet .... Unless he wasn't a prophet that was coming but something far more special ... The only question is do you have the balls to dare and read it. Islam is actually the religion of all the prophets from Adam , Enoch , Noah , Adraham , Moses , Jesus and the last of the prophets Muhammed ( Peace be upon all of them ). Firstly the gospels clearly state that the prophets before Jesus longed for his day...... Some religions my be different from us and May disgust us.

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After Muhammad died, people were arguing over who would rule Islam. One group wanted just decedents of Muhammad while the second thought any suitable member of the Islamic community could.