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03-Feb-2015 14:15

Not pre-screening properly and not asking the correct questions.

There are dangerous people out there—including convicted felons, pedophiles, con artists, gold diggers and cheating married people.

Unfortunately, according to an MSNBC survey, two out of every five people on dating sites are married.

Alexander shares her thoughts about what it takes to be successful at the online dating game.Stephany Alexander is all about optimistic safety when it comes to dating online.She is the CEO and founder of, the world’s largest database that rates men to weed out the “bad apples” and recommend the good ones.If you enjoy cooking, say what, how and where you love to cook. If you want to meet a partner with some morals, you need to show some yourself.

Otherwise, you will attract the type of people who will be more likely to play, scam and use you.Even though this isn’t something I agree with, it certainly is prevalent.