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Indeed, there is an industry of scam artists linked to organised crime and the money they handle is proceeds of crime.

One recent of some scam artists is to pretend to be security officials from the Mainland and telephone victims accusing them of having been caught up in some illegal activity that requires payment of a “fine”.

Mainland security officials or police are unlikely to call in connection with crime investigation; they prefer to visit “persons of interest” and arrange interviews.


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(2007); another film about law and the movies and one that any new entrant to the profession should be requested to watch, as part of their induction training, in addition to reviewing some of the scam prevention guidance referred to at the end of this .

As readers will have noted in the local press, telephone scams in Hong Kong are common.

Other telephone scams this year have involved persons trying to impersonate agencies in Hong Kong such as: (i) the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”) in order to obtain (among other things) customers’ confidential personal information and (ii) the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) in order to offer “investments”. Jenkin Chan’s excellent article on point in the February 2015 edition of the Hong Kong Lawyer (

The HKMA would not telephone a bank customer asking for his or her bank details and the SFC does not offer investment opportunities. The HKMA (and the Hong Kong Association of Banks) and SFC websites contain some useful guidance and warnings.

In particular, some fraudsters are reported to have told victims that their courier packages to the Mainland have been found to contain illegal contents (for example, fake documents) requiring payment of a “fine”. By the time of publication of this there are likely to have been other scams in Hong Kong (many of which use telephone and/or email and originate from other jurisdictions).With this in mind, it worth bearing in mind the captioned line from ; a line between George Clooney, playing a US attorney, and a client in fear that the police are about to telephone him at home in connection with a suspected crime.

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