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30-Oct-2016 07:21

" They look at conferences and events and see only, "All right, how do I speak there? " And "How do I get the most customers I possibly can out of that event?

How do I get coverage from press, media, and bloggers? How do I turn these people on social media, who are interested in my topic, into people who follow me, become my customers, and amplify my content? They're good tactics, but this view, this idea that all these people are just a chance to make money, just an opportunity, it's almost like the prostitution of marketing.

Goes and looks at their landing pages and sees customers, potential customers coming to their site and thinks only: "How many?

What's the highest percent of those people that I can possibly convert to put in their credit card right now and buy something or make a transaction happen?

" This transactional model of thinking is actually really similar to how we do a lot of discussion in the marketing field. I talk about: "Oh, well, if you're looking for folks on social media, how do you turn them into followers of yours? If you think about the difference between dating and paying for a physical relationship, they're thought of in such different ways.

One has all sorts of positive and romantic and long-term associations in the world, and the other has incredibly negative connotations.

I won't get into the morality of our different views on these things, but this same thinking applies in the marketing world. We've all been these people who are reached out to by this transactional marketer.

In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand details the virtues of marketing for long-term success and moving away from that transactional model.

When we take a data- and profit-driven approach to marketing, we can get so caught up in maximizing returns that we forget we're dealing with people, treating our customers as simple transactions.If we're looking for loyalty, we need to change that approach.

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