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For example if the domain is set to, and the path is set to /accounts, the cookie will only be used when the user is in the part of the site.

When a reader visits a website a series of requests and responses for pages are made.

This attribute can be used to tell the browser to only use the cookie when the HTTP protocol is being used. if this attribute is set, the cookie won’t be accessible via non-HTTP methods, such as Java Script. You can control what cookies you get, and which cookies you keep, and whether or not information about your browsing activity is captured.

This next section tells you how to control your preferences.

These requests and responses are issued in a special language called HTTP, which is short for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

HTTP only defines what the browser and web server say to each other, not how they communicate.

This allows websites to tailor what you see on the screen.

This is not always used, but can be set so that the cookie is only sent when the user is in a particular part of the website.

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We are not suggesting you use all the different tools and techniques described below. It is however important to understand that there is a range of options and tools available, and it’s up to you to decide which if any of them to use.

Many browsers can also be set up to ask consent for each individual cookie before it is set.