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31-Dec-2014 16:28

Osman uploaded the same photo to her Instagram account with an equally enthusiastic message: “Look who I ran into the other day - @kimkardashian, we can't wait for you guys to see our episode of #KUWTK and see what we were up to xo Kim is such a sweet person and so so gorgeous, my god!

sometimes transliterated archaically as Othman or Ottoman or Atman (from the contemporary Byzantine Greek version of his name, Άτμαν), was the leader of the Ottoman Turks and the founder of the Ottoman dynasty.

He and the dynasty bearing his name later established and ruled the nascent Ottoman Empire (then known as the Ottoman Beylik or Emirate).

According to the reality TV queen, 35, she just happened to bump into her fashion blogger lookalike. She's so sweet and it was so fun to run into her. She then went on to reveal that the almost-identical pair filmed scenes for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

“I've been seeing people say we look so much alike! Kardashian took a selfie with Osman, 20, and shared it with her 42.1 million Twitter followers.

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This article contains Ottoman Turkish text, written from right to left with some Arabic letters and additional symbols joined.

Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols.

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