Other age dating sim walkthrough dornick beach house members dating

04-Jun-2015 15:05

To anyone who plays the game, a few helpful hints: you have to give a love interest all his favorite gifts if you want to get his best ending, each of them on a different date, and have over 1000 affection points with him.

, the player takes the role of Soffie, an artsy girl who finds herself in the Dream World, where she must find a soul mate within 30 days.

If she succeeds, her wish of regaining her lost voice will be granted; if she fails, she will be forever trapped in the limbo that is the Dream World. The gameplay is the usual for this sort of dating sim – spend daily stamina to talk to characters, give them gifts and go on dates – but there are also four mini-games.

has three romanceable boys, plus a girl whom I ignored. Riley is the sporty and friendly one, who is in a coma after an injury; Gage is the initially anti-social guy who apparently sold his soul to improve his art; and Cero is the one who just came to the Dream World for inspiration and has no sad backstory.

This might just be the best Flash dating sim on the internet, at least in my opinon.

Ari is the only human in Purra, with all the other characters being kemonomimi, and has a chance to be granted a wish in 50 days.

The male love interests included in the game are human-hating bunnyboy Yuu, flirty dogboy Helio and outcast bloodbat Red.