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27-Jan-2016 08:45

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When you get to the bathroom, keep an arm around their back and make sure they have something to hold on to before lowering them down.We have more information about equipment and adaptations that can help.You might need to help your relative or friend stand and walk so they can get to the bathroom.Helping a relative or friend to use the toilet or go to the bathroom can be one of the most difficult tasks faced by carers.It’s important to encourage independence for as long as possible.

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But if they do need your help, asking them what they’d prefer will make them feel more in control.You might like to ask your district nurse or healthcare assistant to be there when you first take your friend or relative to the toilet.If you get a commode, consider buying or making a screen for privacy.If there’s a long corridor between the bedroom and bathroom, it can help to place a chair in the hallway so they can have a rest half way.

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But if toileting is a task you and your friend or relative would rather not do together, ask the district nurse for advice.

There may be a healthcare professional available to visit for toilet breaks.

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