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At the Kadruka cemetery, spouted vessels were found, and the tombs at El Gaba were filled with jewelry, pottery, ostrich feathers, headrests, facial painting, etc.--all of which were present in "dynastic Egypt," and are still used today amongst different peoples of modern-day Ethiopia.The neolithic Sabu rock paintings even depict dynastic Egyptian-style boats.Circular tomb walls with above-ground mounds are further evidence of the beginnings of ceremonial burials.At other sites nearby, we can see the development of Ethiopian (better known as "Egyptian") civilization.

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Royal Ontario Museum and University of Khartoum researchers found a "tool workshop" south of Dongola, Sudan with thousands of paleolithic axes on rows of stones, dating back 70,000 years.Just west of the city of Kerma lies the site of Busharia, where shards of pottery dating from 8000 to 9000 BC have been found.

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