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Parker’s character turned out to be both darker and more complex than Louie guessed, energetic but also sad, possibly an alcoholic, and carrying around an untold amount of psychic baggage.

As the two walked around the city on a long date that included stops at Russ & Daughters, a clothing store where Louie tried on a dress, a pharmacy where they bought a prescription for a homeless man, and a trek up to the rooftop of a skyscraper, they revealed and hid themselves from each other.

The first episode she seems to be this very adorable bookseller, and then we learn she’s much darker, sadder and complicated than we, and Louie, imagined. And she goes, ‘Yeah, I’ll go along, I’ll be your projection,’ you know? I think she’s really trying to show that things can be exciting, to help a stranger, to have him go with his instincts.

And a couple of days later we hung out and then he went into his cage and came out with these episodes. It’s interesting, because I think in a way she’s a therapist for him. She’s the one that’s changing him, waking him up to something, getting him out of his head and seeing something. People have more dimensions to them than we give them credit for. Oh, that’s interesting because that scene played to me totally like the bartender really knew her and was cutting her off from the previous night, not like she was mistaken for someone else. But what Louie does is give breadth to characters that he feels are real and funny and sad. You’re always wondering if Louie’s going to see what’s in front of him. Over the course of the two episodes the character changes a lot, as we learn more about her. He comes up to her and he’s talking and what he’s saying is just like a mouthful of what he thinks she’s thinking. I think she likes him but I also think she really wants to help him. These people you meet in the city that have come from so many places, to reinvent themselves, to reinvent the moment, to change, to transform situations, she’s that. The person you meet on the street that you think is someone and it’s someone else. I spoke with Posey about the two episodes, her character, the way people can surprise you — and how Louie was being a creep. You know, it’s so interesting, we’re having a talk about a character and you’re going, “Are you really sad?Were you a “Louie” fan before appearing on the show? I met Louis when we did a benefit reading for the school where his kids go. And I’ve had people say things like, “You live in my building.” “No I don’t, I promise, my name is Parker.” “No, you don’t, you live in my building.” That’s a little different for me because I’m, I don’t know what, a famous person. ” It’s almost like we’re not used to watching this kind of thing, right?

You meet someone and you’re like, “Oh my god, this guy’s together on the outside,” and then on the inside, you know, is a haunted house. It felt like a composite of Ruth Gordon from “Harold and Maude,” and there’s kind of Mary Poppins, Mary Tyler Moore too, like is this for real?

It’s a haunted house and you can’t imagine what happened to them as a child.

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