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I live in Chicago, and frequently drive to neighboring states for work and to visit family.Because of this, I knew that I would have to buy a solid detector that was effective if I was constantly on the road. Driving on the expressways in the midwest is simple for me now knowing I am using the 8500 x50.As for the rest, well, I don't keep the product if it doesn't meet the 5 star requirement!So trust me when I say this radar is the best you can buy under 0.Before I actually begin, one thing should be perfectly clear - you're looking at this radar because you understand accuracy is not only important, it is critical when looking for a radar detector.If you look at my other reviews, you'll notice that I've given 5 stars to those products as well - you'll also notice I haven't done many reviews in the past, that's because I only really write reviews for items that I think deserve it.

Accuracy: I've always been a little skeptical about using radar detectors, everyone knows they won't prevent tickets every single time.But, if it can save you a couple tickets it's already paid for itself.Ease of Use: One of the best aspects of this radar is how easy it is to use. However, if you're a little more technical and always need things a certain way, you can configure it with a number of different settings to fit your style.One of the downfalls is that I wish the x50 would have a better volume control - I feel that it doesn't go loud enough, especially when I'm listening to music in my car.

It has alerted me much in advance if a cop was gunning and I've always had time to slow down and pass the cop at the posted speed limit.

The three main alerts, K, KA, and X are pretty much always on target - and with minimal false readings, it stays quiet when it needs to.