Patience dating a capricorn woman

07-Jul-2016 13:06

She doesn’t open up or express herself easily & has trouble communicating which may be a bit frustrating.

Does not like to show emotions which acts as being weak in her eyes. Can be very pessimistic, insatiable & stubborn, this woman will do what she wants and likes things done her way.

Good at heart, may seem very cold & distant, go getter & will get to the top by any means necessary; sometimes this is the woman you wish you met earlier in life or met later on in life.

Her masculinity often intimidates men as well as her high standards & status in life.

She loves to help people without anything in return; very loyal & genuine.

Capricorn women are very responsible and put their priorities over everything which may seem as if they’re quite boring & does everything by the book.

She will be the one to rehearse what she will say, plan things & save.

She doesn’t believe in doing things & seeing what happens at the end; she sets everything up & has to know the end results before something goes in to play.

Even tho this woman is mysterious, serious & non tolerant; she will learn to accept you for who you are if she loves you.

She will build the best union for her & her mate & she is very family oriented.

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