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25-Jan-2016 09:52

You would think that CNN would have learned a thing or two after Aaron Brown's embarrassing ouster — embarrassing for CNN, that is, given the classless , very public way the matter was handled.You'd think that they might have been reminded by Brown's re-emergence after his contract with CNN had expired.You'd maybe even think that they'd operate with a little more discretion after the response to Jon Klein's comments about replacing Soledad O'Brien with Kiran Chetry on "American Morning": "She lights up the screen...One look at her tells you why she deserves the slot."But no.It was the lifeless body of young woman, lying on the ground off the side of a dark cemetery’s access road.November 11, 1983, it was checkout time at the Comfort Inn in Santa Fe, New Mexico.Instead, Zahn had to suffer through public speculation about her inevitable ouster for at least two months, after it was reported in Page Six that her job was up for grabs.* CNN did little to correct that impression — they relaunched without bothering to update her show's page ("Yet another sign that the end is near for 'Paula Zahn Now'"), and supplanted her show with a Zahn-less You Tube Debate preview Glenn Beck for a week (she was on vacation, but still; one can't help recalling that Aaron Brown had left on vacation when he was shown the door).

On the morning of March 27th, 2003 a woman working at church and daycare center in Greenville, Ohio was struck by a disturbing sight.

A four-year-old boy wearing blood stained pajamas was standing at the front door.