Perilsofinternetdating info

06-Aug-2015 18:09

She's a wonderful lady, and to be honest we have, by text and email had some rather erotic exchanges to the point of "happy ending." We communicate daily now. We are both wondering what to make of all this as we are really compatible and are spiraling into something that doesn't seem sustainable, given the geographic divide. So, now I find myself wondering what to do about all this. My husband and I started a relationship while we were 2000 miles apart and now we both live where he started. The only thing you're really risking (assuming no one is a psycho) is a broken heart. This is the crux of the issue and you seem to be aware of it.

She seems unlikely to give up her career and move to my location, and vice versa. Granted, I had a lot of flexibility given that I was ready for a change and had no reason to stay where I was other than inertia, but it can be done under some circumstances. Back before I met my current wife I was in a similar situation with a woman who only lived 100 miles away.

Pretty much a waste of time except I got a lovely response from a woman in Canada, but she lives like 2,000 miles away.

We traded messages and joked around a bit and had some fun. The thing is, we then traded phone numbers, and started sending a few texts here and there.

The results show that a third think they have been lied to at some point since starting internet dating, with one in five claiming they have been chatting to a suitor online who was trying to gather financial information from them for fraudulent purposes.

I have yet to speak with her but we have traded enough personal information that I know this is legitimate. We have traded pictures with one another; nothing untoward.

She is quite pretty, and I assume she finds me attractive also.

In fact, 16 per cent claim that in order to get to know someone you have to give out certain details like where you live, where you work and family information as it’s impossible to kick-start conversations without covering these topics.

The poll found 45 per cent of adults who are looking for love said they often stumble across potential suitors that seem suspicious or just too good to be true.

There's no easy answer to this so maybe I'm just rambling. We have communicated, and if our personal situations were different it would be a no brainer to get together, but alas I have kids from my marriage here, and she has a life there. But if you haven't at least spoken on the phone, you are getting the other person much more filtered. We got along wonderfully, but after the initial thrill of romance comes the practical application, what does the future look like?

She had a great job at a university that she wasn't going to leave, I had an upper level management job at a manufacturer that I wasn't going to leave.