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20-May-2015 03:57

Instead, you need to be clear that she needs to not only meet the terms of the PIP during the timeline while she’s on it, but she needs to sustain that new level of performance going forward even once the PIP ends.Make it clear — both in your meeting with her and in the written plan — that if her performance slips back once the PIP is over, you won’t be starting with a new one from square one, but rather will need to let her go at that point.I have someone on my team who I hired a few years ago.I have struggled since she was hired with getting her to pull her weight. It's a double win: your community or cause benefits from your work and you benefit from your experiences. Volunteering may be one of the most valuable experiences of your life. I don’t know that this person has the ability to be successful at this job.

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Then a few more months go by and she starts to slip up again and the process starts over (since she successfully completed the performance improvement plan we have to start the verbal warning, written warning with a PIP, final written warning cycle again).

Use language like, “I need to see this level of performance sustained over the long-run, and if the problems recur, we will not go through this process all over again.” And I agree with your boss that it sounds like you need to just fire her at this point.