Philapinno baltimore dating transmen dating straight women

28-Dec-2015 10:34

Perhaps it’s time to once again step away from technology and play the field on the field …

If you’ve been following along with my damaged dating life, then you know I’m a huge fan of online dating websites.

My favorite has been Tinder, but the problem is that there are too many average-looking guys trolling there now because it got trendy. I live in Los Angeles, home of all the beautiful people who start trends.

After downloading the app onto my phone I tried to upload a profile picture, but couldn’t figure out how to save it so I gave up and stayed faceless.

Within a short time I had hundreds of messages popping up on my phone!

#longhairdontcare The best way to date online is to make sure I stand out amongst all the other women.

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dating sites that has girls in wheelchairs

But there was one central problem: I speak English. I know Los Angeles is close to Mexico, but come on!

So, if anyone wants to learn Spanish I suggest you download Zoosk.