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23-Dec-2015 14:31

"There’s no real threat to anyone by having a camera and snapping a picture," he said.Lawyer Douglas King, of Pivot Legal in Vancouver, agrees, saying that private mall security guards and police have no right to try to seize someone’s camera or demand that photos be deleted — even on private property.He said the Mounties could not remove his backpack while he was handcuffed so they cut it off his back with a utility knife and searched it. I was like, ‘What's going on here, why am I being treated like this?’" Burnaby RCMP say Markiewicz was arrested for causing a disturbance, but was not charged.He admits he started swearing and was then handcuffed by police and taken outside the mall to an RCMP cruiser by the officers and mall security.Markiewicz said the guards again demanded he delete the photos and he told them once more he couldn’t.He said he then tried to use his body to protect two cameras he carried in his bag.

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He said the security guards held him, attempting to grab his camera, and he was pushed to the ground.King said that too often, police take the side of guards, with no questions asked.