Php script for updating tvshow files version 3

02-Apr-2016 06:21

On the mac, copy paste this command and hit enter, then enter your password: ssh -l xbian (you can find your IP address in XBMC via Settings once connected, a blue/grey menu will be shown. You will rarely need this, since you can already do everything from within XBMC (and I assume you know how to control XBMC, using an app on your phone or tablet like Yatse Remote from Google Play or XBMC Remote from i Tunes).Now the guide also matches the upcoming beta2 release of XBian. in detail: On, you can simply add tv shows to a list.The most amazing XBMC experience on a Raspberry ever! Special software (Flexget) on the RPi keeps an eye on this list of yours.Secondly, this software will use intelligent scripting (nothing you need to do, dont worry) to get the latest episodes or movies from online newsfeeds (torrents) that are meant for this setup.

NOTE: Make sure you insert the SD card in the RPi and connect all cables BEFORE you connect it to power.

NOTE: Check your router to see what the i P address of the RPi is.