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And as always, his videos just take things to another level.Stromae's the most exciting thing to happen to French-language music in a long time.(Similar Artists: Rose) Julien Doré The reality show winner and sex symbol is like that hot Art major you know (or used to know back in the day).To help with your music discovery, I've also included similar artists for you to check out -- some of whom have have been featured on this site.Stromae This Belgian Dance artist is the unlikeliest of stars, but he's all anyone's been talking about since he released his sophomore album in 2013.With it, he tapped into the despondent mood of the recession-struck continent.His musical genius is on full display on his second album, featuring styles ranging from Dance to Congolese Rumba.

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The French-speaking world has much to offer across lots of different genres.Whether you're learning the language or studying the culture before a trip abroad, or you're just your average Francophile in love with all things français, keep reading to find out who's who on the modern French music scene in Pop, Folk, Rock, Rap, Gypsy Jazz, and Dance. With lots of styles and genres, you're sure to find something you like.Yet, when she picked up a pen and guitar (and snagged herself with a top-notch producer), magic happened.Her debut album Quelqu'un m'a dit was praised by critics and fans alike for its delicate, intimate songs that had the vibe of whispered poetry. Bruni-Sarkozy has had each of her 4 albums reach number 1 or 2 on the charts.

Carla Bruni You can't have a list of French singers without including the sweetly husky Carla Bruni. She's half-Italian, an heiress, and a former model who married the President of France.None of these things would predispose her to being taken seriously as a French musician.