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09-Apr-2015 19:48

Musicianship, some real meaning, and a willingness to push the boundaries, in many ways.I know I'm getting old and cynical but my view is that the industry doesn't allow that today, and can't understand why sales are down? But the great music is still out there - why would any generation be less talented than others?

Great use of the technology they had, and way ahead of it's time.But away from the nuts and bolts, some 35 years later this to me is still the perfect album.Screen."It is indirectly derived from the "Any colour you like, theyre all black".The road manager when asked what guitar he wanted he would say "Any colour you like theyre all blue" which probably came from the commercial.

So lets hope the real musicians of today can get their music heard.The working title for this during the "Eclipsed" sets in 1972, before it became a part of "Dark Side of the Moon," was "Dave's Scat" or simply "Scat."Listening to the finished version, you can clearly hear Dave Gilmour scatting along.

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