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21-Sep-2016 20:05

Yes, girl i’m talking multiple dates with multiple men.

If you’re planning on sending a message to one guy you like and waiting for him to get back to you before messaging another guy you could be waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

I’ve learned a lot in my 50 Fat Dates quest and have a few plus size online dating tips of my own to share.

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You actually have to participate in order to get the IRL (in real life) dates.

Once you upload your awesome profile pic and well crafted text, you’ll need check in on a regular basis and search for matches, send messages, respond to inbox messages, and organize to meet up with your dates in persona.

Online dating takes time (blerg annoying) so if you’re a one-man-at-a-time type of woman you’re in for a shocker.

You’re going to have to learn to play the field for a while.

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I know it kinda sucks and I really do wish the love at my life will show up at my doorstep but unless it’s the mailman (who in my case is actually a married woman with kids) then it’s not likely so I’ll just have to continue putting in the time and effort!Yes, Plus size online dating is a hard slog but trust me when I say I’ve done the ‘set and forget approach’ and it’s yet to work.