Polyamory dating match

03-Aug-2015 18:09

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They also provide some fabulous tips regarding how to get the most out of dating online. I did not receive compensation for running it here on For each review, their research and content team spend weeks researching through data, articles, scientific research and much more.

I not only get asked about this all of the time but have worked with clients on profile development and dating social skills. Kat is a website dedicated to informing the public on the truth about products, services, and industries.

Twenty-four percent of Ok Cupid users indicate they are “seriously interested” in group sex, and 42 percent say they would consider dating someone who is already in an open or polyamorous relationship; both figures are up eight percentage points from five years ago.

The proportion of users who say they are strictly monogamous has fallen from 56 percent to 44 percent over the same period.