Post dating a contract

12-Dec-2015 13:19

) ^ Back to checklist ^ The parties should identify the signing and effective dates of the agreement.

^ Back to checklist ^ It may be helpful for the parties to set out the context of the Contract Lawyer's or Paralegal's agreement.

"Whereas the contracting firm/lawyer/paralegal is about to commence a maternityleave, but wishes to ensure that the needs and interests of her clientsare preserved and protected during her absence"; and "Whereas the Contract Lawyer or Paralegal is prepared to substitute for thecontracting firm/lawyer/paralegal during the said maternity leave", etc.

^ Back to checklist ^ Typically, a contract will be for a short term and/or defined duration, whether for a vacation, maternity leave, medical leave or other circumstance.

Post-dated checks are promissory notes written to pay for something over time.

It could be for a service, a piece of merchandise or an outstanding debt.

The contract requires the same amount of careful drafting and review as you would give to a client's contract.

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We have also identified potential issues and provided sample contract clauses.

Accordingly, you might want to address such questions as: 6.

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